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Yumi's Top Dips & Products

Green Olive Dip

A favourite for so many, combining the goodness of the green olives blended through a creamy whole egg mayonnaise resulting in a creamy yet zesty flavoursome dip.

Hommus (Hummus)

The signature dip in the Yumi's range. Everybody loves it. It has a smooth texture, great colour and of course a delicious flavour profile. Try it out, we're sure you'll love it..

Eggplant & Shallot

Robust flavour-filled eggplant complemented with finely chopped shallots in a creamy tasty appetizing dip.

Beetroot & Hommus

If you enjoy hommus, you will be delighted with this flavour variation. Yumi's ever-popular hommus dip has been blended with beetroot to make this delicious taste sensation.

Spinach Dip

This dip combines all the goodness of anti-oxidant-rich fresh green spinach, blended together with whole egg mayonnaise to produce a smooth creamy delicious dip.

Eggplant & Garlic

This smooth enjoyable dip is the creamiest tasting of the eggplant dip range, and is complemented with the great taste of garlic.

Sweet Potato & Cashews

A delightful taste sensation, it is a lighter dip in the Yumi's range. Combines subtle fresh tasting coriander and finely chopped cashews in a base of sweet potato for a mildly chunky delicious dip.

Egg Salad

Yum! This dip is a perfectly blended combination of roughly chopped egg in a rich whole egg mayonnaise. It is also a great dressing for potato salad.

Baba Ganoosh

A tasty traditional Middle Eastern dip, with the great flavour of roasted eggplant. It is less creamy than the others in the Yumi's eggplant range, boasting a subtle zesty flavour.